Soul Portrait


What Is It ?

It is a drawing of an individual’s unique divine essence.
I deeply merge with individual in the heart center and channel the information with sacred geometric designs and simple colors. I also welcome in the Higher-self energy to assist particulary for this lifetime on the Earth.  The role and purpose of this form of drawing is to provide people a visual reminder of who you truly are, and also to trigger the remembrance of your purpose.

From each drawing, I have been learning to understand deeper and deeper about the truth of who we are. We are no different from Angels, Masters and other beings of light. And most importantly, we are no different from our unconditionally loving and powerful Creator himself. I am honored and blessed to be able to share this gift.


How to Order

Please provide your name, recent picture, shipping address by email at

Full payment is required at the time of your order.


Size of Your Portrait


  1. 11 x 14 inches – on semi-transparent acetate paper with pen & pencil
    Portrait only: $300
    Portrait and message from the Light Realm: $330
  2. 10 x 10 inches – painted on silk
    Portrait only: $300
    Portrait and message from the Light Realm: $330
  3. Children size, painted on round silk (10″ diameter) — $220
    (age under 14 years old)
  4. Other sizes are available upon special request



Payment Methods

Credit Card
Personal Check or Money Order