Shows & Events

2014  August 22,23,24  

Solo Show @ CRS Healing Room

Address  123 4th Ave 2nd floor, New York, NY 10003  Phone:(212) 677-8621

NY Flyer

2014   June 27-28

Solo Show @ The Gallery in Mt. Shasta, California


2014  (March-April) 

        Japan Art Show Tour, @ Ayakari in Okinawa (Spiritual Event)

Solo Show @ JMA Space in Tokyo,

                         Solo Show @ Salon de Charmer, Kichijoji, Tokyo

                                              Solo Show @ Mokuyurin in Kanazawa, Ishikawa-prefecture,

                       Solo Show @  Heart Angel in Takaoka, Toyama,

                       Solo Show @  Salon Lipica in Tokaoka, Toyama,

                          Solo Show @ Y&Y Sound Healing Space in Kyoto,


2013  November 20,21,22 

Solo Show @ Sedona Creative Life Center,

“New Sacred Geomery Art” Art, Sedona, Arizona


2012  (April & October)

Japan Art Show Tour,  Solo Show

@ ShuShu Garden in Sapporo,  Solo Show @ Irorimura in Osaka, Solo Show @ Suisho-tama in Yakushima


Japan Art Show Tour,  Solo Show

@ Art Space Miyu, Osaka,  Solo Show @ Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo,

Solo Show, @ Kanazawa Art Villege in Kanazawa, Ishikawa-prefecture



2010  (October) 

Japan Art Show Tour,  Solo Art Show @  Box Island in Tokyo and @ Angel Hall in Kyoto



2009 Aug 28-30               Solo Exhibition   “Merging All World”   Space 314  Yreka, California

Merging All Worlds

Merging All Worlds

2009 (Feb 13-15)
Lynx-i New Work Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan


2007 (April)
Solo Exhibition, “The New Earth and Friends”
Star Poets Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN

The New Earth and FriendsThe New Earth and Friends

2004 (Jan 6 – Feb 8)
Solo Exhibition, “Entering the Dream Time”,
Galerie d’Art r3, University of Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, CANADA

Entering the Dream TimeEntering the Dream Time

2001 (Apr – June)
3 Person Show, Photography Installation,
Mesh Gallery, Sebastopol, California, USA


2000 (Nov-Dec)
2 Person Show, Photography Installation,
Ampersand International Arts Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Ampersand International Arts Gallery

Group Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA


Group Show, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA


Solo Exhibition, Photo’s & Photo’s Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA