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“Songs from the Sacred Land, Mount Shasta”

1) Land of Lemuria  2) Mountain Range  3) Talking to the Sky Spirit  4) Walking thought the Woods  5) High Mountain  6) Nature Spirit  7) Mountain Meadow  8) Spirit of the Eagle  9) Playing with Rabbit  10) Sweet Water  11) Gratitude for Sacred Water

“Songs for the Sacred Land, Four Corners”

1) Song of Chaco Canyon  2) Storyteller  3) Conversation with Spirits  4) Wisdom of the Ancient  5) Kachina Dance  6) Healing the Sacred Land  7) Kokopelli Song  8) Sunrise in Monument Valley  9) Song of Harmony  10) Phoenix Love Song  11) Gratitude for Mother Earth  12) Peace over Sacred Land  13) Kokopelli Lullaby


2016    1st Native Armeican Flute Music, “Songs from the Sacred Land, Mount Shasta”


2016    2nd Native American Flute Music Album, “Songs from the Sacred Land, Four Corners”


2015 Concert at City Park in Mt. Shasta, California


2014 Flute Performance at my Art Show in New York


2009 Art Exhibition scene with Flute Music