haruko-butterfly      HA-RU-KO BlueStarChild is a Multi Dimensional, Artist, Designer and           Author of children’s book.  She brings inspirations from the 5th and above Dimensions through her   artistic expression, Native American Flute music.  She consciously merges with the   Source and Mother Earth with her intention to co-creates our ultimate dream to   bring joy, peace, and harmony on the Earth through her artistic expressions and   creations.

Her art introduces Ascended Masters, ArchAngels & Angels, Fairies, Elementals,   ETs, and other Universes.   Her artwork seems to awaken our deep soul memories   and remind us of the true essence of our beauty, purity, innocence and   magnificence of who we truly are.  She works closely with ArchAngels and Angels,   so her drawings bring a healing into our hearts and souls.

She loves to work with children and also with a child within the grown-ups.  She assists children and all of our child within to expand themselves with the power of imagination.  She is also an author of Children’s book.

My Personal Story

I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1969.  As far as I can remember, ever since I was a little child,  I felt distant from the world I was living in.  I used to talk to flowers and trees or I walked around seeing the world through a pink plastic paper in the middle of busy street in Tokyo and tired stay in my own safe bubble.  Only people made me feel comfortable on the Earth during my early childhood were my grandparent and their garden.  They kept me to be on the Earth and always reminded me that I was safe and loved.

From Elementary school to High school, I was in a private girls’ Catholic School in Japan.  Since the school was boring, I was always a dreamer and a very spaced-out child.  I tried my best to fit in with others but I was not a happy child.  In school, I always traveled in my fantasies, doodling on my notebook, or reading science fiction stories hiding behind textbooks. Somehow I have managed to keep “my secret world within my heart”.

After high school, I managed to leave Japan to find my freedom in the US.  Away from the tradition and strict educational environment, I gradually started to find my own self.  I attended several Universities and finally found the way to express myself through art and photography.  While I was going to the Graduate School at San Francisco Art Institute in 1999, “my secret world in my heart” opened the gateway into my consciousness and I discovered the way to manifest my world through imagination.   Since then, artistic expression played a very important role and it taught me so many important things that I had forgotten for many years.

About Ha-Ru-Ko’s Art

In 1999 I started to draw with the assistance of the full moon energy.  It is hard to explain, but the full moon created such a mood that I was all of a sudden inspired to draw.  This continued to happen on many moons.  Many rabbits began to appear on my sketchbook.  I drew rabbit after rabbit for many days.

According to a Japanese folk tale, many rabbit live on the moon making rice cakes to bring happiness and prosperity on the Earth.  Perhaps they came down from the moon to share their wisdom with me.  They gently and slowly introduced me to a spirit world so that I would not be afraid.  Sacred-looking beings appeared in disguise of rabbit-like forms and although they looked cute and innocent, they embodied wisdom and great love.

After years of drawing, the rabbits began to appear less frequently and the drawings became more structural and complex.  I started to be introduced to other dimensions, such as Nature kingdom, Angelic kingdom, Realm of Light and other star system in different Universes.

I began to understand that our imagination is connected with the source of Creation (God if you may call), I didn’t even believe in God, when I started to draw.  I thought that angels and fairies and ETs are just a fantasy, too.  But through my drawings, I can experience and remember their world, and I can feel their presence as real as seeing them. Through my drawings, my soul memories started to be awakened to the world we all had forgotten for a long time.  My artwork had been a bridge between world and unseen world and assisting to remember who we truly are and why we are here on the Earth.

I wished to be inspired and inspiring eternally.        — Ha-Ru-Ko —